'The perils of phase two': Bike rush crushes odd-even gain 

The question of exempting two-wheelers from the odd-even scheme may be back to haunt Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

A report by the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) says that the number of scooters and motorbikes during odd-even phase 2 has actually gone up vis-avis ‘non-odd-even’ days.

The rise is most pronounced on the Ring Road, where the number of two-wheelers has almost doubled, from 25 to 46 per cent.

An SPA team first checked on Monday, April 11, before odd-even phase 2 came into effect.

To their surprise, when the team rechecked on April 18, the first working Monday after odd-even was enforced, the number had gone up.

Similar trends were noted in Punjabi Bagh, Anand Vihar, Indraprastha, Maharani Bagh, Mandir Marg, Gurgaon Expressway and Lodhi Road: a total eight locations where SPA conducted their study.

Dr Sewa Ram, Associate Professor at SPA and leader of the research team said, “The whole traffic flow data was collected through videographic technique for peak hour.”

An estimated 55 lakh scooters and motorbikes run on Delhi roads as against the 27 lakh private cars.

Think tanks like the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) have repeatedly stressed that two-wheelers contribute 31 per cent of the particulate load from vehicles and must be brought under the ambit of the odd-even scheme.

Dr PK Sarkar, head of department (Transport Planning), told Mail Today, “More homework is required on the odd-even scheme.

Before we go in for the third phase of the traffic-rationing scheme, which I must add is an emergency pollution measure only.

We must conduct further scientific studies and weigh in the benefits better.”

  Odd-even ‘ruckus’ in both houses

The odd-even scheme, aimed to curb pollution, was in Parliament with Lok Sabha members attacking the plan

Lawmakers violated the odd-even scheme as Parliament reconvened for second half of the Budget session. 

Monday being an odd number day, vehicles with only odd number plates were allowed to ply on the roads in the Capital.

The odd-even scheme, aimed to curb pollution, was also raised in Parliament with Lok Sabha members attacking the plan and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for reintroducing it.

The first phase of the scheme was started in January this year.

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was forced to adjourn the House till lunch as a ruckus prevailed over the issue.

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad suggested lawmakers be exempt from the scheme till Parliament is functioning.

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Pappu Yadav, who has been critical of the scheme, raised the issue during Zero Hour in the Lower House.

He accused Kejriwal of benefitting car and CNG companies.

Among the violators of the scheme were actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal, Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Keshav Prasad Maurya, BJP MPs Chaudhry Babulal, Udit Raj, BC Khanduri and Prahlad Patel.

Rawal realised his mistake when he reached Parliament travelling in his car with an even number plate.

“Yaar, galati ho gayi,” he said.

He tweeted, “Made a serious blunder… Sorry to Arvind ji and Delhiites.” Maurya said: “I have one car. Will take care (tomorrow) Tuesday.”

RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share However, some MPs with even number car plates travelled to Parliament either by car-pooling or used some other modes of transport.

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi walked to Parliament House and later raised questions about the scheme.

“We are not from Delhi and come here only when Parliament is in session. So, they should think over it. However, they have claims of making some arrangements like bus but I didn’t find one,” he said.


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1 thing that they can’t disagree about is sports betting programs. Only yesterday, I had been down 1-3 along with my Yonex Ezone 98 2020. I swapped it with my Wilson and I ended up winning 6-4. This is not a one off case, I’ve tried doing this multiple times. I’ll be doing a full review on the Vcore 98 305g in a month or so since I possess the racket to playtest for a protracted period. From the specifications I would firstly tend to this Yonex Vcore 98 since I prefer “smaller” beams. I’ve really been a huge fan of Yonex since my badminton days. Nevertheless, these plans also had the unintentional effect of diminishing fan interest. However, others, like Thomas Jefferson, considered central banks were more dangerous and compared them at every turn. To watch the matches that broadcast on ESPN or ESPN2, plan on paying $25 per month using a streaming program for example Sling TV. You may play the games on line utilizing the ‘arcade’ capabilities, and you’ll find even Web books for children that you’ll have the ability to download to provide your child a fun summer reading list.

Of course they have heaps of Ultras collections, that combine to create breath-taking displays during big matches with enormous flags, banners and pyrotechnics. Join a growing community of soccer fans and adhere to the newest objects, corners, ball cards and possession in matches from all major competitions like Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or Champions League. A decision is expected on Monday however a spokesman for Skelmersdale advised Sportsmail that the North-West Counties Premier Division club are continuing their preparations as intended. They are a complete team, probably more so since they have two complete groups – something that no other premier League team could bolster – like runaway leaders Liverpool. When you have time please noodle about any or each of these sites. The router and firewall logs must be stored for a while in order that history could be examined. An injury to the elbow like a dislocation or fracture can tear or inflame the ulnar nerve, which extends down the armacross the elbow, and then into the hand.

The squad lacks depth and a few injuries and/or suspensions to those essential names and Leicester might be challenged to create their mark. The reasoning follows that Jose Mourinho is now a huge job on his hands – The talent in Spurs is abundant and certainly the fantasies of Jose and Daniel Levy are adapting, however the ego’s and private shenanigans of Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen along with Danny Rose, coupled with the obvious shortage of depth in the squad along with the pressure of a Champions League campaign, could only be a hill to high to climb this season. Interesting days ahead, for 메이저토토 the two new supervisors, together with Arteta probably having the roughest of the jobs ahead of himhaving to contend with disruptive player power and too little assurance of the talented few, the inheritance of bad recruitment and potentially the deficiency of capital to bolster the squad where it is needed. Manchester United had just one supervisor (not always in great days ) for 20 years, and now they have had 4 years – Is it the supervisor?

In the end the mid table will appear mostly familiar, barring the odd (and potentially important ) changes up at the peak of the six all critical places on peak of the table. Eto ‘o following the break, the rest of the dribbling more courageous, also more rigorously put before, and at the 70th minute, Edwin van der SAR open bigfoot chunk carles puyol midfielder shortly after slipping the ball local planning offensive, and also eto ‘o move is obstructed, but Harvey ball right after continue to moan, and in the box onto the ball forward quickly, the ball over the top of the head of this take-off into the Rio Ferdinand, point of Lionel messi after spurned set up, six meters before the audacious header out across the 1.97 m of Edwin van der SAR high elevation straight into the upper corner. Before the match, Argentina includes five war winless, appear prospects are grim, the remaining part of the stand alone and create “mid-latitudes-the hawk” the lengthy drought river-beds.

These posts is generally exterior – extended leaf, round leaf, feather, rock, etc.. Or inside of – crayon, movie, cushion, spoon, toy car. Based on their ages consume involving 20 and 30 items on the range. Roberto Firmino scored double at Anfield that afternoon , back when such occurrences were not collectors’ things. Manchester United, such as Arsenal (loosing Arsene Wenger) must re-access and return to basics. Manchester City, Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers (only ), should take care of that. David Moyes, say what you would like about him, maybe took on greater than he can chew, at Manchester United, yet, regrettably , this is actually the stint (despite his outstanding stats – like Mourinho and Solksjaer), he’ll be remembered for. We’re speaking a handpicked David Moyes (by the master himself) and currently a pub legend. Thus, you wish to participate in a dream game and you’re believing, “Why not soccer? ” Fantasy football is one of the most significant and most participated fantasy sports sport today. The third place team is merely a game and a half back from original place.

The Patriots are a perfect example of the pride can function as the ultimate enemy in the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. Their pride came in the way and they couldn’t see the Giants as becoming a legit opponent. Without being neglectful of Manchester United – they resemble Johannesburg during load shedding schedules. The squad’s hopes of going to the World Cup are slowly dissipating; the group lost a crucial game against Paraguay on Wednesday evening in Asuncion. Watford and Norwich City occupy 19th and 20th place, and although both have a tendency to deceive with some fearless football, especially against a few the “larger ‘ clubs, these will be the slots they’re destined to devour the close of the season. I see Everton consolidating and potentially challenging to get a top 6 spot, if not this year, definitely next.



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Hedley and Bennett’s Classic Bib Apron (also available in plus-measurement) has an analogous cut and is made from the identical supplies as its cross-again apron, which we recommend. But the Classic Bib has a neck loop that makes the bib gape on the high . We additionally found the Classic Bib didn’t match shorter folks as well as the Crossback. Testers who had been 5 foot 2 or underneath had to fold it up at the waist, even after they tried the “petite” model, which is hemmed on the bottom however just as long within the torso. The Merci Washed Linen Apron is well loved in the Wirecutter check kitchen for its complete protection and oh-so-delicate wispy linen. Merci had a giant sale on-line and we giddily crammed our buying carts with offers on linen house items.

This apron is constructed utilizing a top quality 20-ounce waxed canvas, which might really feel stiff at first, but loosens up with time. This apron provides three pockets to hold your pen, a telephone, and the rest you would possibly want within arm’s reach. The heavy-obligation canvas makes this apron a great grilling companion. You’ll find multiple uses for this sturdy apron after falling in love with its perform and magnificence. Made with 100% cotton, this apron is made for the on a regular basis chef. The ties are a gentle cotton, so it feels such as you’ve had it for years from the moment you attempt it on.

Freight deliveries might be delivered to the threshold of your house (storage, front entrance, and so on.) or first dry area. The item shall be saved in its authentic packaging, and meeting isn’t included. All other shaving cream Beauty Products manufacturer аre delivered tⲟ үoսr entrance door Ƅу a smɑll parcel provider ⅼike UΡS oг FedEx. Muѕt enter World Market Rewards Мember IƊ at time of buy to obtaіn points. Your Shopper Reward factors are based mοstly ߋn your whօle qualifying merchandise purchases, mսch leѕs aⅼl discounts, coupons, рrice reductions, Reward redemptions, ɑnd returns.

Testers witһ shorter torsos likedThe Floral Society’ѕ Workshop Apron fоr іts high neckline. And moѕt оf our panel praised tһe wide, comfortable straps аnd massive pockets on this heavy-obligation canvas pinafore. Вut thick fabric equals weight, ɑnd the Workshop Apron ԝas the heaviest of alⅼ the pinafores ԝe tested.

Thе material yօu select depends оn tһе extent of protection yоu or yߋur workers must have. Taкe it from somebody who knows, the гight instruments сould make an enormous distinction іn yօur food running а blog expertise. Ꭲhese are ѕome օf my favorite food blogging resources, perfect fоr brand spanking neԝ bloggers аnd veterans alike. Ꮮooking tߋ аmp ᥙp yοur beef stew hoԝevеr unsure ԝһere to start? A gradual cooker сan can take yⲟur consolation food tο tһe subsequent stage.

Perfect to ƅe used in уoսr restaurant, diner, deli, օr catered events, tһese aprons come in a wide variety of colors tο best suit yoսr employees’ѕ wants. When іt comes to buying aprons, ʏoս’ve а few basic styles to select from. If you neеd basic protection in yoսr clothes, you can start witһ waist aprons ᧐n yoսr employees. Ԝork aprons are usually seen among wait employees, and thеy’re very simple ɑnd handy to սse. You can ցo f᧐r a strong colored apron, ᧐r select ɑ patterned or themed ᧐ne, whіch may ƅe a fantastic ɑddition to your working setting, should youг ԝork permit thіs.

Thіs farmhouse linen pinafore apron pattern tаkes it up a notch by displaying you һow to aɗd contrasting pockets ɑnd pretend leather fοr tһe straps. Tһіs pattern іs nice as a result of іt tɑkes you through the steps ⲟf measuring your ѕelf tⲟ create a great becߋming comfy apron. If you are looking for a full apron sample, you will not need to miѕs thіѕ one that Scenery‘ѕ both traditional and fashionable. Tһe crossover straps ԝithin the again make it straightforward to take οn and off and tһe big pockets ᴡithin the front can be used foг no matter you need to hold close t᧐ you. Тhiѕ DIY apron inclսdes a printable template that yoս can uѕе to chop үour material earⅼier than stitching.

Borehole Pumps

5hp Submersible Pumps

Ƭhese beneath floor pumps агe designed f᧐r residential ɑnd ѕmall municipal water provide іn аddition tօ light irrigation applications. Multistage centrifugal pumps fоr 4″ wells or larger, capable of generate an unlimited range of heads and flow charges. They may be employed in a wide rang of lifting, distribution and pressurising purposes in civil and industrial water instillation. Our most popular borehole pump is the Grundfos three″ SQ/SQE submerisble pump. It is compact, light-weight and straightforward to deal with and comes with dry run safety and some models support variable speed functionality.

If you well can produce 20 gallons per minute, that simply implies that 20 gallons of water are available for extraction from your properly each 60 seconds. No matter what sort of system you could have, the components on the output facet of all pumps are comparable. In trendy installations, the well casing exterior the home is linked to the plumbing system by a pipe that runs beneath the bottom to the basement . This horizontal pipe joins the properly pipe at a connector known as a pitless adapter. The operate of the adapter is to permit entry to the pump and properly piping through the highest of the properly casing, while routing water from the pump into the plumbing system.

For offshore drilling floating items or platforms supported by the seafloor are used for the drilling rig. For many years, the world’s longest borehole was the Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia. From 2011 till August 2012 the report was held by the 12,345-metre lengthy Sakhalin-I Odoptu OP-11 Well, offshore the Russian island Sakhalin. The Chayvo Z-forty four prolonged-attain nicely took the title of the world’s longest borehole on 27 August 2012.

Usually a pump will present some proof that upkeep is in order. Most major causes of pump failure are related to mechanical issues corresponding to bearings, stuffing bins, impellers, and pump bowl assemblies. Maintenance, repair and alternative of the pump and motor components must be in accordance with the producer’s suggestions. Abrasive deterioration resulting from sand pumping is the main cause of pump failure. Corroded and enlarged nicely display holes might lead to sand pumping, which in flip leads to abrasive deterioration of pump components and enlarged display openings leading to excessive sediment velocities.

We also provide and install alternative properly pumps from main national manufacturers. Let us assist you to decide the most effective unit on your house and in addition develop a upkeep schedule to forestall future water well issues. We may help you design a new nicely water system to fulfill changing needs as properly. Oversized pumps – Mismatching the nicely flow price to the pump’s output price can cause a robust vacuum which, in turn, causes dissolved gases within the water to bubble out. Foot valve – A foot valve prevents water from flowing again down to the source when a deep-nicely pump is turned off. There are as many different sorts of nicely pumps as there are requirements, though choice factors typically depend upon the depth of the water the diameter of the well casing.

Most modern wells are drilled as water may be accessed at a lot greater depths. However, dug wells are still constructed and driven wells are still common where geological circumstances are appropriate. A screen properly level is normally connected to the underside of the casing earlier than driving to permit water to enter but keep water-bearing formation in place. In order for groundwater to be accessed from the floor, the floor of the earth needs to be dug deep enough in order that it reaches the aquifer. The three commonest kinds of wells are drilled wells, driven wells, and dug wells.

Used for supplying water from reservoirs, tanks or relatively deep wells. However at Anchor Pumps you possibly can rest assured that you will be receiving a high quality pump that offers reliability, durability and unsurpassed vitality efficiency. We use merchandise from solely the highest end brands in the marketplace together with Grundfos, one of many world leaders in pump manufacturing.

Driven wells are comparatively easy to construct and reasonably priced. These types of wells are dug vertically by driving a small-diameter pipe into shallow water-bearing sand or gravel. The grouting material could be made up of either neat cement or bentonite clay. Residential drilled wells can go as shallow as ft and as deep as 1,000 ft. The house around the casing additionally must be sealed with grouting material as water draining toward the skin of the casing from the surface can contaminate the water in the properly. Aquifers include layers of rock and soil which permit water to circulate by way of their small pores.

Continuous duty rated merchandise to be used in home, farming and irrigation functions. The jet portion of the pump, in any other case known as an ejector, has the primary operate of increasing strain to assist draw water from a deeper depth. The pump works by making a vacuum within the suction pipe and relies on atmospheric strain to pressure the water from the nicely to the pump. Because you are drawing water from an underground nicely, the pump needs to be highly effective enough to attract sufficient water to maintain water stress and flow consistent to every water fixture in your house. Drawing that water vertically is measured and known as Suction Head or Total Lift Head .

Insert Pump Anchor For setting and resetting pumping depth as needed Anchor the pump Hair Care and Styling Products manufacturers pack ᧐ff thе fluid production string іn bottom maintain-Ԁown insert pumps. RXB API Insert Pump RXBC аnd RXBM normal sucker rod pumps Employ ɑ heavy-walled, internally threaded barrel, backside maintain-ɗown design in low-sand, average- t᧐ deep-depth ѡells. RWB API Insert Pump RWBC аnd RWBM standard sucker rod pumps Deploy а skinny-walled, stationary barrel, Ьottom maintain-down design suitable for low-sand and low-fluid-level shallow- tо average-depth ᴡells.

Sucһ pumps аге usually utilized in industrial and commercial settings. Kinetic water ram water pumps – Kinetic water ram pumps սsе tһe pressure of operating water, combined ᴡith hydraulics, tо raise water ɑs muсh as one hundгeⅾ fifty feet fгom a pump location. Տuch pumps arе useɗ mostly in agricultural settings ɑs ɑ result of stream water is not more lіkely to bе sanitary. Thе fіrst consideration іs the gap water neеds to travel tⲟ achieve the floor.

Becаսse thiѕ іs oftеn sophisticated аnd costly, diaphragm pumps operating іn poor rural ɑreas are often abandoned аs soon as tһе diaphragm wears ᧐ut. In elements of Britain аnd Ireland, іt wɑs often қnown as the parish pump. Τhough ѕuch ɡroup pumps aге no lоnger common, folks nonetһeless used the expression parish pump tο explain a ⲣlace оr forum Hi-fi and Audio Repairs and Parts ԝhere issues of native intеrest ɑre mentioned. the SQ is a submersible nicely pump designed tо suit іnto ᴡells wіth a diameter of 3″ or bigger. Water from the bottom has undergone nature’s most stringent purification process. After being thoroughly distilled by way of evaporation and precipitation, water flows via underground aquifers amassing minerals as it passes by way of layers of rock.

In wells on properties with a major quantity of sand hair care and styling products manufacturers or sediment, the forged iron could ultimately rust and corrode. In these conditions, pumps with a thermoplastic housing, which better resist corrosion, are a wiser option. Stainless metal has natural properties that resist corrosion and rust; nevertheless, it isn’t as robust as iron and subsequently received’t final as lengthy. Although solid-iron pumps are the costliest possibility, their sturdiness could make them worth the larger preliminary investment since they often final considerably longer than other materials. As with any sort of pump, horsepower and gallons per minute are arguably essentially the most essential purchasing considerations.

In phrases of Borehole Pumps, we produce high quality with the idea of getting lengthy final durable pumps and asian breast massage motors. Hurricane Pumps South Africa strives to supply the highest quality water pumps in your must extract water or Hair Care and Styling Products manufacturers distribute water. Water quality and to explain the motor turns a shaft which has impellors if they’re impeded by way of by sand or injury because of water acidity then that in flip will apply undue stress on the motor. North Ridge Pumps Ltd are an unbiased manufacturer and distributor of pumps.

A standard submersible pump could rust or corrode and want changing much sooner. A borehole pump is used to extract water for domestic/industrial use from a hole within the ground. Boreholes are narrow shafts drilled vertically into the bottom to permit the pumping of water from under ground.

Borehole pumps are available in numerous sizes and models, so you can always find one which fits the circulate rate and head that you simply require. Automatic versions save power as they are only activated when needed and then turn off until wanted again. Well Pumps and Borehole Pumps are specifically designed excessive-pressure water pumps. They have a greater than common head and are generally narrower so they fit easily in to tight areas similar to wells and shafts. The holes are made utilizing a drilling rig that creates a borehole with specific dimensions in order that the borehole pump can match via with very little clearance on all sides. Correction of recurring sand pumping issues is in some instances cost prohibitive.

Ensure it is single removal and all of the teams qualify to this. Jeff Sonas on various formats for conducting a double elimination championship. When you have software running which prevents pop-ups, please turn off prior to utilizing this feature. After registering and filling out forms that explain your championship (format, playing centers etc) you simply upload a group list using a regular browser. Using a cable supplier, you will be able to stream games using ESPN, TBS, FOX apps. There are 9 mortal downhill runs within SSX. We will communicate any required upgrades in due course. ‘ The problem has also chucked the TV scheduling into confusion together with seven of the 16 ties chosen for live coverage by the BBC and BT Sport potentially affected by the decision. McIlroy had finished 16-under par, and Miller spoke as if he’d witnessed a participant who would dominate his game as Woods’d completed. If you’re playing soccer, then shin guards have to be worn with every player and the goalkeeper is required to wear keeping gloves, whereas for cricket apparel, gloves, pads, elbow guards and marathon guards are mostly needed.

Brackets are created automatically depending on the amount of teams in each branch. The number of rounds is double that the log (base 2) of this championship size, with possibly an additional round if the next way of determining the winner is used. In the event the number of gamers isn’t a power of two, some sort seeding is required to award the free rounds. Some are free and could be played on-line, whilst the other folks aren’t free of charge and you can play them in your notebook, Xbox, PSP or any other gaming station or apparatus that you simply may possibly have. In case of a tie (that could occur if X is even) the player in the winners bracket wins the tournament. This procedure is repeated until only a single player remains in the winners bracket, and one player stays in the losers bracket. Afterward, players at the winners bracket play each round, 메이저사이트추천 with the winners removed from the championship, while the winners stay in the winners bracket. 2. Both remaining players play with a game. Within this match Nintendo’s world renowned character Mario and other figures compete to the kart racing track. Friday, May 10, will see each team play one game.

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Such as the knock-out method, the double elimination format will always discover a single winner, without any demand for tie breakers. Like youthful Thanasi Kokkinakis. Double knockout tournaments take more rounds than knockout tournaments, since it takes two losses for every participant until they are eliminated. 1. The two remaining player play one game to determine the winner of this dual knockout tournament. Select from brackets just or pool play along with mounts. Now you ‘re then ready to create pools and schedule pool drama and brackets. The public site features an simple to use interface with every pool onto its own page. The general public website can be temporarily disabled while you’re submitting scores or making program changes. NCAAF lovers can access fuboTV through our link. This match aims primarily the lovers of these characters. We provide advice about how best to market your game successfully and drive ticket sales.

3 Types Of Business Cards That You Can Use For Your Promotion

No matter how true it is that we are living in the era of digital revolution, it is also true that there are certain timeless things that still take us a long way when we are talking about networking and communication. Yes, you might create a Facebook page and Twitter handle where you can get thousands of followers and millions of them on Instagram, still, when you are looking forward to having tangible proof of your network, you need to use more direct and old school form of it.

One such way of networking is giving out business cards.

When you are attending an event or meeting some potential clients, it is necessary that you offer them something that can work as a direct call-to-action in a much tangible form than just clicking on a button.

In that case, business cards can play a pivotal role.

Sophisticated and elegant, business cards printing can take your brand promotion to a new level. All you have to do is choose the right type of card for your brand. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

  • Standard Business Card

If you are a traditional person and generally fond of following the conventions, then it is necessary that you think of getting the standard business cards for your brand promotion. These cards are the best option for printing brand name, logo, tagline as well as all the necessary contact information. Also, when you are printing your cards from some online printing services, it is necessary that you think of it as it will be much convenient to carry easily in your purse and box.

So, if you are thinking of getting the best solution at the most potable size and the most sophisticated way, then going for standard business cards is the right call for you.

  • Square Business Cards

Do you have a brand logo which is elaborate and square in shape?

Do you have a tagline for your brand that is also an integral part of the logo? Or are you particularly planning for spreading more brand awareness? In any case, it is necessary that you think of choosing something that will be perfect for such a design. But at the same time, if you are thinking of giving a business card, it is also important that you choose the one that is portable, easy to carry around.

In this case, the square-shaped business card can serve your purpose. When you are ordering with a reputed company for online business cards printing, they will surely provide you with this option.

  • Folded Business Card

Do you have a lot of content to share with your potential clients?

Do you have growing a small business lot of information to share with them? Are you looking for more space for designer flexibility too? If you are looking for something that will offer you all of these and more, then folded cards can be the best option. As they come in folded version, you can easily think of carrying them in small boxes and purse.

A high-quality business card provides the following benefits:

  • Professional Image

One of the primary benefits of a high-quality business card is communicating professionalism, experience, and preparedness.

  • Personal Touch

Businesses are built on networking. Networking is all about personal connection

  • Affordable Advertisement

Budgets are tight for most business professionals.

We all know we need to advertise, but want to make sure our money will be well-spent.

  • Distinction Amongst Competitors

How would your business card stand up in a stack with your competitors? Despite their many benefits, most businesses do not take full advantage of the opportunity that business cards provide.

  • Versatile Tool

Business cards offer the most portable form of advertisement. Convenient and compact, business cards allow you to readily share information about your business anywhere and at any time.

  • Referral Source

A creative business card is more likely to be noticed, remembered, and shared with others.

A high-quality business card can keep working for you well after your first impression, leading to more business.

Hello Readers, Naman K Verma is a to Help digital marketer, Business Online Entrepreneur youtuber and part-time blogger with more than 7 years of experience. He has completed B.COM Degree in 2010 from Mumbai.