thick material hold its shape well after washing and wearing

Doing landscaping where I’m frequently standing at the curb in the road I am concerned about being visible to drivers who may not be totally cognizant of whats going on around them. – These very bright orange shirts help diminish that fear. The property I am care taker for is extremely large and other people have no problem finding where I am by the orange glow in the distance.

I like just about everything with these shirts so far. Good fit. Nice length- plenty to tuck in if you want or purple blackhawks jerseys if you wear it untucked it’s long enough so if you raise your arms no belly shows.

Nice fabric weight about medium. Just right- not too thick or too thin.

The breast pocket is in the right position and big enough for my cell phone which is on the larger side in a case.

I wash them in warm water with other clothes then tumble dry with no heat separately with my other t-shirts and they have not shrunk.

I love these shirts. I had bought a couple at Walmart a few years ago and it has taken me a while (and a few wrong purchases) to find the exact shirt again. The fit is pretty accurate to size. I don’t like a shirt that feels too short, which is why I like these. The length on me comes down to around mid-pocket on my jeans. I had bought another style of nfl shirts, which only reached just above the pocket of my jeans, which for me was too short.I ordered extra large, which sometimes is too baggy and just a bad fit. I’m usually somewhere between x-Large and Large. These shirt fit me well, not too baggy, not to tight. Length is also good, as some t-shirts that I have purchased were too short.

So, overall I am quite pleased with the quality and fit of these shirt